Junkers & Zeppelin Watches

Ieneke Rayburn Junkers Watches Zeppelin

We’re delighted with these 2 amazing watch brands we’ve just added to our offer.  Both Junkers and Zeppelin are manufactured in Germany by Pointtec and draw from their long history in aviation.Since the first day they appeared in our windows, these watches have attracted a steady stream of interested watch aficionados.  The are all beautifully engineered with finely detailed, hand-tooled leather straps and there are some unusual features, such as the Power Reserve Indicator on the mechanical models.  Both collections have a very cool vintage feel to them. With prices from £145 – £1200, both Junkers and Zeppelin watches are within reach of the many as well as the few!Below is a little film about the Mountain Wave Project that Junkers sponsored – it tells the story of two courageous glider pilots who flew over Mount Everest (8849 metres) at icy temperatures as low as -46° and, together with the German Aerospace Center (DLR), undertook the first 3D measurement of the mountain, in order to identify better rescue routes for mountain climbers, amongst other things. The extraordinary Junkers automatic chronograph, the “Mount Everest”, which was designed specifically for this project, has a dial so blue that it mirrors the sky that surrounds the highest peak on our earth.