ChloBo  Fire Noodle Bead Bracelet Gold

ChloBo Fire Noodle Bead Bracelet Gold

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The Noodle Bead Fire Bracelet is a delicate style, handmade in sterling silver, & gold plating, with pumpkin, barbell, and sparkle roundel beads to create texture within your stack.

The Noodle Bead Fire Bracelet incorporates the fire charm. Fire fuels our energy, passion, and ambition. It gives us the willpower and inner strength to achieve our goals. Balance is important and sometimes you might need to calm your fiery nature with other elements such as the calming serenity of air or the adaptability to flow into new situations with water.

In order to prolong the beauty and lustre we recommend that your ChloBo piece should avoid contact with perfume, false tan, lotions, chlorine etc. Please handle with care and if required gently clean the Silver with a polishing cloth.

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