W I L D E is an independent modern jewellery store, established in 2009.  We offer beautiful, contemporary jewellery from our own workshops, bespoke wedding & engagement rings and a number of international jewellery collections. Our ever-changing collection of vintage engagement & dress rings is also hugely popular.

Affordability is very important and we carry many different collections of pretty, well-priced silver and gold vermeil jewellery that will fit most gift budgets.  There are also lovely collections of pearl, amber & semi-precious stone jewellery and designer collections including Alex Monroe, Linda Macdonald, ChloBo and Olivia Burton

Our collection of silver bangles & heavy silver chains - all handmade in our workshops - has a large and growing fanbase.  Offering our bangles in 3 sizes and endless styles has grown this collection into an important part of the business.


We also have gold bangles and an extensive range of gold, diamond & precious stones stacking rings, also from our workshops.


Bespoke wedding & engagement jewellery is an important part of what we offer and our workshop is busy the year round designing and making custom rings, as well as remodelling old pieces.  


For MEN we have cool silver jewellery by designers such a Chris Hawkins and Buddha to Buddha, as well as a wide selection of titanium and silver rings, bracelets, chains and cufflinks.  We make many different cuffs and bangles for men and stock Seiko & Skagen watches for men & Olivia Burton watches for women.

Our aim is to provide the best possible shopping experience for our customers, making a visit to our store something to look forward to - a treat for the senses.   By providing quality and value through the range of products and services we offer, including advice, repairs and good humour, we hope we're on the way to achieving our goal!

Opening Hours


Monday to Saturday      9.30 - 5.30

                                                                 Sunday                            CLOSED

Christmas & New Year 2019

                                                                       27 Dec            9.30 - 5.30

                                                                       28 Dec            9.30 - 5.30

                                                                       29 Dec            CLOSED

                                                                       30 Dec            9.30 - 5.30

                                                                       31 Dec             9.30 - 3.00

                                                                       1 Jan               CLOSED

                                                                       2 Jan               CLOSED

                                                                       3 Jan               9.30 - 5.30

                                                                       4 Jan               9.30 - 5.30

                                                                       5 Jan               CLOSED